Paleontology: struggle for life!

Only the strong survive!

One day, we will have mastered winds, waves, tides, and gravity, but someday we will harness the energy of love and this day only, Mankind will have discovered fire.

Teilhard de Chardin


Study, learn about life, experience, talk with others and learn from them. Build your freedom and give you the power to choose!

Édouard Leclerc to his children


Happiness for a bee or a dolphin is to exist. For Man is to know it and be amazed.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau


Man must stop believing that his destiny is separated from other living beings.

Nicolas Hulot


And all of this supports my strong belief that in the end it will turn out that every detail of our universe does indeed follow rules that can be represented by a very simple program – and that everything we see will ultimately emerge just from running this program.

Stephen Wolfram

The greatest danger is not taking risks, but dozing through life free of doubt.

Bertrand Piccard

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